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He doesn't need two weeks. Just two days.

Tom Griffith may be weak. He may have made some bad decisions. And God knows he has faults. But tell him to choose between his daughter and anything else, he'll choose his daughter.

So when she arrives on Tuesday, he tells her there's nothing in the house that shouldn't be there. Hannah verfies this herself, carefully and methodically, searching any spot she knows or imagines he might have hid anything ever. And then she calls her mother and says Daddy's not feeling well and she's going to stay and keep an eye on him, and she fixes dinner.

It's a rough week. Withdrawal here doesn't come with "showy" sorts of symptoms -- there's no shaking, no vomiting, no dramatic meltdown. Instead, Tom Griffith is snappish, irritable, depressed. Hannah ignores most of the first two, and does what she can to combat the third. They play a lot of board games; he beats her at Monopoly five times in a row and she insists they play something else.

She drives him when he goes for counseling, drops him off, parks six blocks away, and spends the time in Starbucks, reading magazines and talking on her cell phone, so no one will know where he is. Some things, after all, aren't the business of all of Neptune.

Sunday night, a week after she sat in his kitchen and issued an ultimatum and the night before she starts her senior year, Hannah hugs her father for the first time in months. "I'm really proud of you, Daddy."

There's a long way to go, and they both know it, but in that moment, they both know, beyond any kind of doubt, that it's going to be worth it.
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