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It takes a lot to surprise a girl from Neptune, California, but this does it – the sudden, disruptive arrival of . . . whoever that was, and Agent Booth's emergence from the Honor Guard, and the ensuing scuffle, and then Brennan clocking Agent Booth and storming off with Agent Booth trailing after her.

Hannah and the other no-longer-mourners stand there awkwardly, everyone clearly puzzled as to what the hell protocol on this sort of thing is, and then slowly start to drift away. Finally, with a shrug, Hannah walks over to the overturned casket and drops the white rose she’s still holding on it.

And then, because she's not sure what else to do, Hannah drifts over Tomb of the Unknowns. It's nearly deserted, since it'll be more than forty minutes till the next Changing of the Guard, and the only sound is the measured tread of the guard, puncuated by the sharp click of his heels when he turns around.

Hannah sits down on the steps that face the Tomb, smooths the wrinkles out of the black dress she had her mother Fed Ex to her (because who pack funeral wear for the first semester of college?) and tries to figure out what the hell just happened.
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