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Some things changed when Hannah went off to college. Some things did not.

She still runs about three miles more days than she doesn't, even if, occasionally, she has concede defeat to DC weather or odd hours and run on a treadmill.

She's a little distracted, when she leaves the gym today, thinking about what's due when, and when Sam's likely to call, and the last e-mail from her father, and when she's going to find time to get her laundry done and--

"Hannah Griffith?"

She stops and turns automatically, to find a tape recorder in her face.

"Trent Turner, Channel 14," he says. "I've been trying to reach you. Just a few questions--"

"I have nothing to say to you," Hannah says. "Please leave me alone."

(She doesn't add that he actually did reach her, twice, and she hung up on him both times. And that she received the ten voice mail messages he left after that, though she deleted them all without listening past his name.)

Trent Turner follows her, though, when she starts back down the sidewalk, with his recorder held at arm's length.

"How well did you know Zach Addy?"

"No comment."

"How did you meet Temperance Brennan?"

"No comment."

"Would you say that Dr. Brennan places an unreasonable amount of pressure on her proteges? Is it possible that trying to live up to that standard may have contributed to Addy's breakdown?"

Hannah, stunned and furious, almost answers that one, and then stops herself. He doesn't even get a no comment that time.

She refuses to run away from this creep, but she speeds up a bit. And he keeps up with her.

"Well, Hannah?"

"Ms. Griffith," she corrects. "No comment."

"I'm not saying that Brennan does it intentionally. Just does she make demands that a person who already weak-minded might find to be overwhelming? Don't you think it's at least a possibility?"

It's looking increasingly like he really is going to follow her all the way back to her dorm. And possibly further than that. She's an untapped angle on a story that's still getting enough coverage to be front-page, top-story stuff. But it's also been news long enough that a lot has already been said.

Hannah abruptly turns into the Starbucks on the corner, and isn't surprised when he follows her.

"Come on," the reporter says. "Five minutes. I'll buy you a cup of coffee, you can tell me what you think really happened. Correct all the things you think the press is getting wrong."

You get more flies with honey . . .

"Fine," Hannah says. "Give me a minute."

He takes a seat at an empty table, and she makes her way back to the ladies' room.

Once the door's locked, she pulls her cell phone from her bag, and calls Agent Booth.

After all, once the fly is stuck in the honey, you pretty much whack it with the biggest stick you've got.
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