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Even before they reach the dance, in the dressed up Neptune High School Gym, they can hear it, a jumble of voices and laughter over something that passes for music.

(The band, it must be confessed, is really nothing all that impressive. The lyrics, if they were intelligible, would be quite forgettable. The music is, however, basically danceable.)

This year's theme, whatever it is, seems to have called for a great deal of pale blue and silver streamers and balloons, though only so much can be done to disguise the fact that the room is really intended more for basketball than dancing. But the Winter Formal Committee has tried. And what the room looks like doesn't matter nearly as much as who wore what and who showed up with whom. It's hard to get quality gossip out of crepe paper.
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She is so not supposed to be here.

She is supposed to be in Neptune, with her friends and her boyfriend and her life, and instead she's in Vermont, at an all girls boarding school where she doesn't know anyone, it's too late to try out for the track team, the food sucks, and there are way too many rules, which are all way strict. And you know, when you show up at an all girls boarding school all the way across the country two thirds of the way through the school year, your new classmates pretty much know you're there because your parents think you're a slut.

She absolutely hates him for getting her stuck here. She's just not sure if the him in question is Logan or her father.

She sits in the school's computer lab, logs into her e-mail, and tells herself that she does not expect to hear from her boyfriend. Or is he an ex-boyfriend? It's not like they actually broke up. Well, they did, once or twice, but they were back together when she left. Right?

She's still disappointed when there's no word from Logan.

But there is word about Logan. From Amber. In the middle of a long e-mail about asking Paul to the Sadie Hawkins Dance and what she wore and how much fun they had, was the oh so casual, "Saw that senior you were dating. He was ALL OVER Veronica Mars at the dance. Guess they're getting back together."

Right then. Ex-boyfriend it is.

Hannah logs out of the computer and heads back to her room. She really hopes Hilary is out. She just needs to be alone for a few minutes.


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