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Previously . . .

It's been a relatively quiet day at Neptune High. Hannah had no papers due and no tests toay. No major scandals have broken, everyone is still dating or not dating the people they were dating or not dating this morning, no one's been beaten up or taped to a flagpole.

Everyone has just kind of coasted in lunch, which is where Hannah finds herself now, at her usual seat at her usual table (between Sam and Emily and across from Geoff). She isn't quite following the technical details of the story Sam is telling (and Geoff is vehemently if not convincingly denying), about something that happened in their last soccer match, but it's making her laugh anyway.

And then there's a murmur, that spreads across the courtyard the way murmurs do when Something has happened at lunch -- the opening move in the latest round of gossip. Hannah, still laughing, turns to see what's caused it this time.

Well, she wasn't expecting that, and there's a part of her that kind of wants to crawl under the table and wait for it to go away.

Instead she waves slightly to the newcomers on the other side of the courtyard.

They really are lucky she likes them.
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Even before they reach the dance, in the dressed up Neptune High School Gym, they can hear it, a jumble of voices and laughter over something that passes for music.

(The band, it must be confessed, is really nothing all that impressive. The lyrics, if they were intelligible, would be quite forgettable. The music is, however, basically danceable.)

This year's theme, whatever it is, seems to have called for a great deal of pale blue and silver streamers and balloons, though only so much can be done to disguise the fact that the room is really intended more for basketball than dancing. But the Winter Formal Committee has tried. And what the room looks like doesn't matter nearly as much as who wore what and who showed up with whom. It's hard to get quality gossip out of crepe paper.


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