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She didn't really eat breakfast. She knows she should, and she needs to, and all, she just isn't hungry.

She is, however, tired. Very, very tired.

Which is why after not eating breakfast, Hannah went back to her room (that isn't really hers any more than the clothes in the closet or the toothbrush in the bathroom or the running shoes by the door are really hers) to take a nap.

At least in theory. Because what she has actually done for the last two hours is stare at things -- the wall, the ceiling, the other wall, the door, the ceiling again, yet another wall.

Finally she gives up, wraps her arms around her pillow (which isn't really hers, either), and cries.

She's not really sobbing, or even weeping -- those require more energy than she's got right now. She's just crying -- because she's tired, and frustrated, and frightened and worried and she doesn't really know what else to do, any more.
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Even before they reach the dance, in the dressed up Neptune High School Gym, they can hear it, a jumble of voices and laughter over something that passes for music.

(The band, it must be confessed, is really nothing all that impressive. The lyrics, if they were intelligible, would be quite forgettable. The music is, however, basically danceable.)

This year's theme, whatever it is, seems to have called for a great deal of pale blue and silver streamers and balloons, though only so much can be done to disguise the fact that the room is really intended more for basketball than dancing. But the Winter Formal Committee has tried. And what the room looks like doesn't matter nearly as much as who wore what and who showed up with whom. It's hard to get quality gossip out of crepe paper.
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It's been a good day.

For one thing, her parents have (unintentionally) been very helpful with making certain logistical aspects of this visit easier. Mom had errands to run that kept her away all day, and (even better) Daddy has gone off for a conference in Detroit.

So it was easy enough to slip into Milliways and slip back out to Neptune. And while there wasn't a great deal of time for sightseeing, they managed a short tour of Neptune (avoiding the sites of interest most tourists come for now -- namely, where the Echollses died). Hannah packed a lunch, sandwiches and pretzels and chocolate chip cookies, to eat at the beach, which was half-deserted and fairly quiet.

And then, because she didn't think he'd be at all interested in sitting in a salon for an hour and a half while she got her hair done, and because not getting her hair done really is not an option, she left Henry on his own in Barnes and Noble.

When she got back, it took a while to find him, but she did, eventually, sitting in the floor with his back to the shelf, and a neat stack of books about two feet high next to him.

"Little light reading?"

Henry just looked up at her and grinned. "No."

Hannah laughed. "Do you need help with those?"

He let her help, in the end, but he took the heavier bags.

And now? Now she is upstairs, engaged in ritual that has changed only in its details since 1802, Getting Ready For a Dance.

And he has just finished a ritual that hasn't really changed at all since 1802, Meeting Her Parents.
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She's not dressed for it, and it's cold, and she ought to go back to history class, but some days, after some conversations, a girl just has to run. This is one of those days, and that was one of those conversations.

And so Hannah is running. She's running and she's not thinking about anything but running and that suits her just fine.

And if her eyes are watering, it's just from the cold air out around the lake.
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I'm sorry that I missed you when I was here this evening. I hope everything's good for you and that I'll catch you next time I'm here.

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I went home. There's some stuff there I think I need to deal with. And I'm not sure when I'll be back, but I assume it'll be sometime before too long. And I guess I'll see you then.

Thanks for everything until then. You've been a pretty amazing guy about a lot of stuff, and I really do appreciate it.

See you when I see you.



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